Spy & Hidden Surveillance Systems

We hold expertise in offering technologically advanced range of Spy Cameras, which is available in various specifications as detailed by the clients. These cameras are highly acknowledged for its high resolution, low power consumption and exceptional performance features. Moreover, our range of spy camera are very small in size, thus it can be be fitted in any type of area and used for carry out effective surveillance in banks, malls, and more.

We are the Leading Suppliers, Trader, Distributor and Dealer of Spy Cameras in Kenya:

1. Spy Watch Camcorder


2. Digital Clock with Hidden Camera (Video & Audio)

 Monitor secretly vandals or the people and places you care about most with this multi function digital clock Spy Camera DVR. It integrates video and audio recording into one small gadget as well as camera and digital clock function. It can be used to record up to 2 hours with built-in Li battery and configured 2G Micro SD Card.


3. Spy Necktie Camcorder (video & audio)

This great undercover DVR fashionable Spy camera in a Tie offers next level surveillance with video and audio recording that is suitable for the office, trade show, business meetings etc.


4. Professional Mini Camcorder

Professional mini camcorder offering full VGA 680 X 480 resolution @ 30 fps. Included are a host of accessories including removable belt/pocket clip, neck strap, dash mount, and recharger. One touch recording makes great video/audio a snap.


5. Mini Necklace Spy Camera

Wear this latest fashion designed high definition video & audio spy camera as a necklace or use it for indoor & outdoor sports, travel, sight seeing or trekking.


6. Wireless Camera & Bug Detector

This unique device is applied to detect peeping cameras, tapping, cellular phones and other radio frequency devices.



7. Computer Surveillance

We have products scans for pornographic content from still images as well as videos, and chat history from chat solutions such as Skype and MSN. It creates detailed reports of each questionable file sorting them into a "clean" and "not clean" category.


Protect your computer from unwanted pornography. Someone doesn't have to be seeking out pornographic images to contaminate your computer. In fact, many porn sites contain harmful viruses that can do more damage. The Porn Detection Stick offers you peace of mind that your system is clean of unwanted illicit or even illegal image.